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Things to consider when selecting a deadweight tester.

11 April 2016

The first thing to consider is the pressure range. One of the advantages of a DWT is the wide range of instruments that it can cover. The DWT is an inherent percent-of-reading device, meaning that its performance actually improves....

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How important is calibration of process instrumentation?

Process Calibration (Part One).

22 March 2016

Calibration of process instrumentation is a necessary function for two main reasons. One, to comply with regulation; and two, to maintain and control process performance and product quality.

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The Trimos Labconcept represents the latest developments in the field of multifunction calibration machines.

Hamilton Lab Steals A Lead On Competitors.

03 December 2015

At Hamilton we can calibrate, adjust and repair a wide range of equipment in our fully equipped UKAS accredited Dimensional Calibration Laboratory.

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