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digital calibration certificates
downloadable calibration certificates from the cloud

Digital calibration certificates - available anytime, anywhere.

Due to requests from our customers, we offer the option of an 'electronic copy' of our calibration certificates, which is downloadable from our website direct to any PC, table or smart phone.

Why digital certificates?

Back in 2009 we were asked by one of our customers if it was possible for them to download copies of their calibration certificates from our website. They explained that their engineers did a lot of work abroad and carrying 'hard copies' of test certificates when on site was becoming a problem.

From this initial enquiry we set about creating a full document library - an online database of certificates in PDF format that can be accessed through a web portal anywhere with internet access. Customers are able to login and view their calibration certicates, download them to their smart device and print off. Access is password protected, with each customer only able to view his own certificates. We were probably the first UK calibration company to offer this feature to our customers.

What are the benefits of digital certs?

Secure and Convenient - download your calibration certificate anywhere, anytime.

Enable simple access to historical certificates for both yourself and your customers.

Secure files that only registered members can access and download.

Control who has access to your download files.

Requires verification sent to given email address.

Auto-email of lost password on Login page.

Documents can be in PDF, Word and Zip file formats.

Lost your original paper certificate?

No problem. As a BSI registered company we keep all certificates for a minimum of 6 years. Just contact the office where you had it calibrated. They will be able to provide a replacement copy.