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Facts About Calibration

Calibration Facts - Why Do I Need To Calibrate My Test Equipment?

Cuthbertson Laird Group (owners of this website) provide a nationwide calibration and repair service, offering UKAS, and National Traceable certification, both in the laboratory and 'on-site', which includes a collection and delivery service, traceable results to national standards, detailed certification (including results) and full guarantees on all work.

Calibrations are undertaken in temperature controlled environments utilising state-of-the-art testing and calibration equipment. We are an authorised repair centre for most of the major instrument manufactureres including Megger Products, Megger Sweden (Programma), Fluke, Seaward, Druck and T&R.

Why calibrate test equipment?

As components age and equipment undergoes changes in temperature or sustains mechanical stress, critical performance gradually degrades. This is called drift. When this happens your test results become unreliable and both design and production quality suffer. Whilst drift cannot be eliminated, it can be detected and contained through the process of calibration.

What is a Calibration Certificate?

A calibration certificate provides verification for a customer that their instrument has been checked and has been found to be reading within the specification quoted on the unit's data sheet. Calibration typically requires a standard that has at least 10 times the accuracy of the instrument under test.

How often should I have my test equipment calibrated?

This will vary with each product as overall use, risk factors and environments must be taken into consideration. Usually we recommend our customers recalibrate every 12 months.

I've lost my Calibration Certificate, what do I do?

Just contact the office where you had it calibrated. They will be able to provide a replacement copy.

What if Adjustments or Repairs Are Required?

When an instrument is out of compliance, our calibration technicians will try to adjust the instrument to bring it back into specification. This service is offered within the cost of the calibration. Many repairs can be undertaken by our calibration labs, but if it requires major repair or the parts are not available then we may have to return it to the manufacturer. This can usually be done as a 'fixed price repair'.

Will I be advised of repairs beforehand?

Yes, our technicians will evaluate the instrument free of charge. They will then contact you before any work is undertaken.

What is your turnaround time?

This depends on the workload in our labs and whether the instrument requires any repairs. For calibrations only our standard lead time is 3 to 5 working days. If the instrument has to be sent to a third party for calibration it will be longer. Your local office will advise you of the anticipated turnaround time.

Will you remind me when my equipment is due for calibration?

Yes, we will send you a recall the month prior to the equipment coming due, either by email or fax.

How do I get my test equipment to you?

You can either pack it up and send it to us by carrier or bring it in person to your local office. We may be able to collect your instruments depending on where you are situated. We can also arrange to collect and deliver your instrument back to you using our own carriers although we will have to charge for this service.

I can't take my equipment off site. Do you do onsite calibration?

Yes, all of our offices regularly do on-site calibrations. Many of our larger customers require this service as it greatly reduces downtime with minimal process disruption and eliminates transportation costs. It also allows you to schedule the work at your convenience. Please be aware that not all equipment can be calibrated onsite. To set up an on-site calibration, please contact your local office.

Do you have a calibration price list?

We do not publish a price list, however you can give us a ring and we will supply you with the prices you require.