Arrange Calibration

Onsite Calibration

Let our engineers come to you.

Our onsite calibration service provides a calibration certificate with test results fully Traceable to National Standards. Minor adjustments are also undertaken free-of-charge.

Test instrument calibration at your site.

All three of our calibration offices offer an onsite calibration service. To save on time and administration we can call at your site with technicians and all the necessary equipment. We then calibrate and certify all your instruments in one go.

Our calibration technicians will need a clean, well-lit area with 240V ac supply (110V ac also if possible), and stable temperature conditions. Ideally, all instruments to be calibrated should be collected in the designated area or supplied during the day(s).

On-site calibration prices are based on the scope of work including, models, quantities, number of locations, calibration level, and duration of calibration project. Repairs are not included in the calibration price and may have to be taken back to our office for investigation. No repair work will be undertaken until the customer has received a written quotation and has agreed to the cost.

Benefits Of onsite calibration.

Reduce the downtime of your test equipment, schedule calibration for quite times or shutdowns.

Avoid risk of damage to your test equipment during transit.

Save on shipping costs.

Eliminate the need to hire replacement testers.

Trust your equipment calibration to the experts.

Whether nationally or internationally, our highly trained and qualified technicians can provide an on-site calibration service giving your company the advantage of on site calibration for equipment that cannot be easily moved, such as oven chambers, presses and furnaces.