Arrange Calibration

Power Quality Calibration

  • Fluke 6200 calibration
  • Fluke 6500 calibration
  • Clare B433R calibration
  • Clare B255 calibration
  • Clare SC08 calibration
  • Handypat 500 calibration
  • Handypat 600 calibration
  • EasyPAT1600 calibration
  • EasyPAT2100 calibration
  • MicroPAT+ calibration
  • Apollo 400 calibration
  • Apollo 500 calibration
  • Apollo 600 calibration
  • Primetest 50 calibration
  • Primetest 100 calibration
  • Primetest 210 calibration
  • Primetest 300 calibration
  • Primetest 350 Checkboxes
  • Europa PAC calibration
  • Europa Plus calibration
  • Supernova Plus calibration
  • Megger PAT410 calibration
  • Megger PAT420 calibration
  • Megger PAT450 calibration
  • Megger PAT120 calibration
  • Megger PAT150 calibration
  • Megger PAT150R calibration
  • Megger PAT320 calibration
  • Metrel DeltaPAT calibration
  • Metrel OmegaPAT calibration
  • Metrel GammaPAT calibration
  • Kewtech KT71 calibration
  • Kewtech KT72 calibration
  • Kewtech KT74 calibration
  • Kewtech KT76 calibration
  • Kewtech KT77 calibration
  • Plus many more...
power analyser calibration
calibration of power logger

Power measurement basics

Accurate power meters and power analysers measure active and apparent power, power factor, frequency and phase, and harmonic problems over a wide range of frequencies.

Calibration is the comparison of a measuring instrument (an unknown) against an equal or better standard. A standard in a measurement is therefore the reference. Calibration certificates issued by us are fully traceable to National Standards.

Fluke 5500A Calibrator

In a single, portable instrument, the 5500A is a complete solution for calibrating single-phase low frequency wattmeters and power analyzers. In addition, it supports a wide variety of other dc/low frequency measurement tools, including multimeters, current clamps and clampmeters, oscilloscopes, electronic thermometers and thermocouple simulators, chart recorders, panel meters and more.

Unlike other alternatives, the 5500A is a single, portable, easy-to-use instrument that can source voltage and current (or voltage plus voltage) simultaneously with precision phase control, multiple waveforms and the ability to generate harmonics.

Why calibrate PAT test equipment?

The IEE code of practice recommends calibration of a PAT tester be performed on an annual basis in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Howeverm for low usage equipment, the on-going accuracy of test equipment can be assessed using either a reference circuit or checkbox and records are maintained.

Which PAT testers can you calibrate?

Our three offices can calibrate any make and model of PAT tester. We are an approved service centre for both Seaward and Megger, two of the biggest manufacturers of PAT testers. We are also official distributors of Martindale, Kewtech and Metrel test equipment. We can calibrate battery and mains powered testers, manual and automatic, dual voltage (110 & 240V), and testers that can perform flash tests. As a Seaward authorised service centre we are also authorised to calibrate Clare safety testers.

My PAT tester has a calibration warning pop-up when turned on...

Most PAT testers from Seaward have a 'nag screen' which puts up a message on the screen when it needs calibrating. This is a counter which appears one year from when it was last calibrated.

In order to reset the 'nag screen' a password is required, which is only supplied to authorised Seaward dealers - like us. If you chose to have your PAT tester calibrated by a none-authorised calibration house they will not reset this counter and you will get a reminder every time you turn the machine on. We do not charge any more for this service, it is included in our calibration price.

Our PAT tester needs repairing - can you fix it?

Our manufacturer trained technicians can repair many faults in-house. We provide a free quotation before any work is undertaken, and will only proceed with a repair once we have your approval. If the tester needs to go back to the manufacturer we can usually provide you with a fixed price repair quote. We will arrange for the tester to be sent and returned to us after the repair.

What is the turnaround time?

This depends on the workload in our labs and whether the instrument requires any repairs. For calibrations only our standard lead time is 3 to 5 working days. If the instrument has to be sent to a third party for calibration it will be longer. Your local office will advise you of the anticipated turnaround time.

Meaningful measurements.

For any measurement to be meaningful, it must be traceable to a recognised standard, in most cases, a national or legal standard for the quantity being measured. This traceability is accomplished through a documented series of comparisons from one level of standards to increasingly accurate standards.