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We can offer competitive rates and turnaround on the calibration of Metrohm high voltage test instruments.

The 'Metrohm' and 'Edgcumbe' brand of high voltage products have been supplied to Electricity Utilities and major industrials worldwide. They are renowned for their safety record in the field and quality of workmanship.


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Metrohm, Edgcumbe & HVI

As of April 2007, following a management buy-out, the Metrohm range of High Voltage products designed by Edgcumbe Instruments are now manufactured by High Voltage Instruments Ltd, a company formed with the core focus of High Voltage test equipment.

calibration of live line test equipment

Live Line Testers

Overhead Line Tester Calibration

Metrohm LLT calibration: Metrohm LLT3.3kV calibration: Metrohm LLT6.6kV calibration: Metrohm LLT11kV calibration: Metrohm LLT13.8kV calibration: Metrohm LLT33kV calibration: Metrohm Phasing stick calibration: 11kV Live Line Tester calibration:

calibration of Metrohm high voltage detectors

High Voltage Detectors

High Voltage Detectors (HVD’s) Calibration

Metrohm HVD01 calibration: Metrohm HVD03 calibration: Metrohm HVD04 calibration: Metrohm HVD05 calibration: Metrohm HVD06 calibration: Metrohm HVD07 calibration: Metrohm 11kv HVD calibration: Metrohm 33kV HVD calibration: Metrohm 132kV calibration:

calibrate metrohm phase comparator

Phase Comparators

Metrohm Phase Comparator Calibration

Metrohm E4510 calibration: Metrohm E4530 calibration: Metrohm E4540 calibration: Metrohm E4550 calibration: Calibrate phase comparator

calibration of Metrohm high voltage indicators

High Voltage Indicators

Metrohm Live Line Indicator Calibration

Metrohm F0357A calibration: Metrohm LLI750V calibration: Metrohm LLI1500V calibration: Metrohm LLI3000V calibration:

tag200 calibration

Miscellaneous HV Testers

Other Manufacturers HVD Calibration

Fameca TAG 200 calibration: Fameca TAG-330 calibration: Sofamel Peke 5/36 calibration: Sofamel VTE-5/66U calibration: Sofamel VTE-5/36U calibration: Sofamel VT-10/30-U calibration: Sofamel VTE-5/36 calibration: Sofamel PEKE-5/36 calibration: CATU CC-875-10/36 calibration: CATU CC-765-11/33-C/K calibration:

Metrohm instrument calibration and repairs

Metrohm Equipment Calibration

Calibration, Repairs & Spares

As an authorised partner of HVI, we can calibrate a wide range of Metrohm test and measuring equipment 'in house'.

In the eventuality that you require calibration on something that is beyond our scope, we can arrange for it to be returned to their site in Scotland for calibration.