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Chauvin Arnoux Instrument Calibration

We can offer competitive rates and turnaround on the calibration and repair of Chauvin Arnoux & Metrix instruments.

Chauvin Arnoux produces a range of hand-held, field and laboratory test and measurement instruments. Chauvin also produce a range instruments under the Metrix brand. We are authorised distributors for Chauvin Arnoux and our trained sales engineers can be relied upon to offer expert assistance.


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we are authorised to calibrate you chauvin arnoux and metrel test equipment

Our scope

Electrical, temperature, flue gas, pressure, HVAC, airflow, torque, dimensional instruments and thermal imaging cameras. We can also calibrate, repair and recondition a wide range of vernier gauges, micrometers,surface tables and gauge blocks.

calibration of Chauvin electrical testers

Electricians Testers

Chauvin 18th Edition Calibration

Chauvin 18th Edition calibration: CA6521 calibration: CA6523 calibration: CA6523 calibration: CA6525 calibration: CA6522 calibration: CA6524 calibration: CA6526 calibration: CA6532 calibration: CA6511 calibration: Multimeter calibration: Megohmmeter calibration: CA6524 calibration: Metrix MX1 calibration: CA5001 calibration:

calibration of Chauvin arnoux clampmeter

Clamp Meters

Chauvin AC/DC Clamp Calibration

F23 calibration: Chauvin Clampmeter calibration: F201 calibration: F203 calibration: F205 calibration: F401 calibration: F403 calibration: F405 calibration: F601 calibration: F603 calibration: F605 calibration: MX350 calibration: MX355 calibration: MX650 calibration: MX655 calibration: MX670 calibration:

chauvin arnoux earth tester calibration

Earth Testers

Chauvin Earth/Ground Tester Calibration

Chauvin Earth Clamp calibration: CA6417 calibration: CA6416 calibration: CA6421 calibration: CA6410 calibration: CA6412 calibration: CA6415 calibration: CA6423 calibration: CA6460 calibration: CA6462 calibration: CA6470N Terca calibration: CA6471 calibration: CA72 calibration: Ground Tester calibration:

calibration of chauvin arnoux low resistance ohmmeters


Chauvin Low Resistance Ohmmeter Calibration

CA10 calibration: CA6240 calibration: CA6250 calibration: Chauvin Ductor calibration:

calibration of Chauvin high voltage insulation tester calibration

HV Insulation Testers

Chauvin High Voltage Megohmmeter Calibration

Chauvin HV Megohmmeter calibration: CA6505 calibration: CA6545 calibration: CA6547 calibration: CA6549 calibration: CA6550 calibration: CA6555 calibration:

Chauvin power quality analyser calibration

Power & Harmonics

Chauvin Power Quality Analyser Calibration

Chauvin Energy Logger calibration: PEL102 calibration: Chauvin Power Analyser calibration: PEL103 calibration: PEL105 calibration: CA8220 calibration: CA8230 calibration: CA8331 calibration: CA8233 calibration: CA8336 calibration:

Chauvin thermometer calibration

Thermometers & Temperature

Chauvin Temperature Calibration

chauvin Thermometer calibration: CA861 calibration: CA863 calibration: CA865 calibration: CA871 calibration: CA876 calibration: CA879 calibration: CA1864 calibration: CA1882 calibration: CA1886 calibration:

chauvin arnoux instrument calibration


Chauvin Instrument Calibration

Chauvin Equipment calibration: CMX5006 calibration: Metrix Equipment calibration: MX5060 calibration: CA401 calibration: Chauvin ampflex calibration: DTR8510 calibration: CA6608 calibration: CA6630 calibration: CA404 calibration: CA822 calibration: CA825 calibration:

Chauvin Calibration & Repair

Calibration, Repairs & Spares

As an authorised partner of Chauvin Arnoux, we can calibrate and repair a large amount of their test equipment 'in house'. In the eventuality that you require calibration on something that is beyond our scope, we can arrange for it to be returned to the manufacturer for calibration.