Arrange Calibration

Calibration Offices

  • All 18th Edition Testers
  • Digital Multimeter calibration
  • Multimeters (5 Dig) calibration
  • Multimeters (6 Dig) calibration
  • Fluke MFT calibration
  • Megger MFT calibration
  • Metrel MFT calibration
  • Loop Tester calibration
  • Voltage Detectors calibration
  • 5kV Ins Tester calibration
  • 10kV Ins Tester calibration
  • PAT Tester calibration
  • Phase Rotation calibration
  • Earth Tester calibration
  • Proving Unit calibration
  • Calibration Checkboxes
  • AC Clamp Meter calibration
  • DC Clamp Meter calibration
  • AC/DC Clamp calibration
  • Decade Box calibration
  • LCR Meter calibration
  • Oscilloscope calibration
  • Power Analyser calibration
  • Process Meters calibration
  • Relay Test Set calibration
  • mA/Loop Calibrator calibration
  • Transformer Ohmmeters
  • HV Detector calibration
  • PCITS calibration
  • SCITS calibration
  • Voltage Tester calibration
  • Power Logger calibration
  • Druck Gauge calibration
  • Pressure Indicator calibration
  • Barometer calibration
  • Digital Manometer calibration
  • Pressure Indicator calibration
  • Digital Gauge calibration
  • Pressure Gauge calibration
  • Vacuum Gauge calibration
  • Thermometer calibration
  • IR Thermometer calibration
  • Glass Thermometer cal
  • Thermal Camera cal
  • IR Camera calibration
  • Dry Block calibration
  • Tachometer calibration
  • RPM calibration
  • Stroboscope calibration
  • Sound Level calibration
we are an authorised Megger service centre
seaward approved service centre
we are the only testo authorised repair centre for flue gas analysers in Scotland
calibrating a power logger in leeds
calibrating a megger mto210 in leeds

Continuity and experience give our Leeds Calibration Lab the advantage.

Our Leeds office was opened in the late 1980's and the calibration lab was set up a couple of years later. The calibration team who run the lab today are still led by the same people who set it up all those years ago. Having spent well over 20 years calibrating and repairing test equipment, our Leeds team have the knowledge and experience of working with a many, many manufacturers test meters.

Our laboratory has in-house calibration certification to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and our Calibration Certificates are traceable to National Standards.

Using state-of-the-art calibrators from Fluke, Chauvin Arnoux and Transmille, we are able to calibrate a wide range of 18th Edition testers, handheld and bench multimeters, oscilloscopes and scopeMeter test tools, wattmeters, analog volt/ohm/amp/watt instruments, electronic thermometers, data loggers, strip chart recorders, XY Recorders, power harmonics analysers, process calibrators and current clamps. We offer competive calibration prices and a quick turnaround.

Megger Authorised Service Centre

Our calibration office in Leeds is a Megger Approved Warranty Repair Centre. We only use genuine Megger spare parts in our instrument repairs.

Seaward Approved Service Centre

Our calibration office in Leeds is also Seaward Approved and is authorised to service and calibrate their wide range of instruments, including PAT Testers. As such, we are also able to reset the calibration warning screen on their PAT testers and MFT's.

On-Site Calibration

Reduce downtime and increase efficiency for your business with our On-site Calibration service. To save on time and administration we can call at your site with technicians and all the necessary equipment. We will then calibrate and certify all your instruments in one go. Due to our long-established reputation and proven expertise, we have built-up an unrivaled client list in the oil and fisheries industries in Scotland.

Service Contracts

"Calibration Service Contracts" can also be arranged. These are very cost effective for companies who want annual / three year contracts at fixed calibration prices. We would need a full list of your inventory to give you the best price.

No Repair - No Charge*

If you would like us to calibrate your test equipment or would like a quote, please complete the form on our contact page. If your instrument requires a repair, we will check it out and send you a free quotation before any work is undertaken.

*NB: Instruments that are returned to the manufacturer for repair may incurr an investigation fee/carriage charge even if the customer declines the work.